It’s an unfortunate trend, but not a surprising one: so many people become burned out or disengaged with their career. For employees and business owners, it may feel like there isn’t enough time, resources, or energy to reverse this trend.

My focus as a coach is to help groups of people discover their True Story so that individually, and as a group, they can connect to that direction and align their efforts to support it. Some common issues that coaching can help with include:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Turnover/Retention

  • Goal Setting and Habit Development

  • Managing time, resources and energy

  • Managing Stress

  • Communication Skills: Listening and Perception

  • Conscious Change

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Managing Millennials

  • Cultivating a Company’s Culture


We offer a break for people to get their feet back underneath them. A time for conversation and a deep breath towards a big perspective to help see where we might be normalizing frustration and disappointment instead of solving the issue. We facilitate a process to methodically work through how we engage life and decide on the next steps to make that better.