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Interview With Lynda Adams Part 1

I will be taking a little bit of a rabbit trail from the series. I recently had an interview with Lynda Adam on the Living Life with Lynda Radio Show. I’ve broken the interview into three parts and today I’ll be sharing the first part of that interview with you. The conversation was around listening as well as how that fits into life coaching.

Also to note I’ll be heading down to Nashville next week for a certification and I’ll be sharing a little more about what that means for Mountain Pass Life Coaching. But now let’s get into the interview.

The Only Obstacle Of Listening

This is the third episode of the simply listen podcast series and I’ll be talking to you about the one obstacle that stops listening from happening.  So far, in the first week I introduced you to the direction and overall purpose of the Simply Listen series, and last week you heard about the one foundational principle of listening.  I have heard some really good responses, and please keep the feedback coming so that I can create content for you and content that will help you specifically.

The Foundational Principle Of Listening

We are continuing a podcast series called “Simply Listen”. Last week I kicked off this series of podcasts by setting some groundwork for the entire collection of episodes, and today I’ll be sharing the one foundational principle that is the key to unlocking real listening.