As the founder of Mountain Pass, Jacob understands the importance of finding the path you’re uniquely suited for. He’s taught individuals, small business owners, groups, and companies how to find clarity and reveal a beneficial path.

He has found success, by focusing on how people interpret the world they live in. This helps clients find the habits and patterns that reveal passions and obstacles that drive decisions. When you know the pattern, you find the way beyond the routines that get you stuck. 

Jacob is an entrepreneur and has been running a local business for 12 years. He is a certified life coach that guides clients to simplify life decisions and circumstances. As a result, clients grow in their effectiveness and confidence to manage personal living. 

Related Training:

  • Certified Life Coach training through iPEC, accredited by the International Coaching Foundation

  • Jamie Smart and the Clarity Coach Training Program

  • Project Management Certification through University of Southern Maine

  • Masters Certificate in Missional Leadership.